food for thought

a torte is a cake made with many eggs and usually ground nuts or even bread crumbs instead of or in addition to flour.

though delicious, it is important not to confuse such treats with a tort, or civil wrong.  but that’s why it’s so confusing because torts (sans ‘e’) are also delicious.

the whole deal came bout when some hyper sensitive prude found a snail in the bottom of her ginger beer.

apparently she didn’t realise that popping a letter off to the manufacturer would get her a sweet crate or two of snail-free gingy (works with smiths every time you find a metal cog in your chip packet) and instead went and found herself a nervous condition.

that was Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] All ER Rep 1.  since then, you can not only sue someone when you find a snail but you can sue someone when they fail to put a snail in your drink if you have a legitimate expectation that one be there.

and i wonder why people diss lawyers…


~ by k-rock and l-jive on May 26, 2008.

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