lisbon treaty

The state of the EU and the Lisbon Treaty.   Vote YES or NO?

A declaration on the future of the Union was agreed in December 2000 which recognised “the need to improve and to monitor the democratic legitimacy and transparency of the Union and its institutions, in order to bring them closer to the citizens of the Member States”, and called for a “deeper and wider debate about the future of the European Union.” This will mean the European Parliament will gain increased legislative power, mutual solidarity amongst members, and will introduce an exit clause for members wishing to withdraw from the Union.

It contains provisions:

  1. on democratic controls, with a greater role for national parliaments, the European Parliament and citizens;
  2. reforming decision-making processes within the Union;
  3. setting out the EU’s powers and their limits;
  4. on fundamental rights, giving legal status to the Charter of Fundamental Rights and allowing EU ratification of the European Convention on Human Rights;
  5. on the Union’s external role, increasing the opportunity for it to speak with one voice internationally;
  6. on equality between Member States.

The Reform Treaty is designed to make the European Union function more effectively and democratically so that it can better serve the interests of the people of Europe. It responds to the needs of today’s European Union with its increased membership. Sceptics like Sinn Fein nationalists argue that further integration into the EU will only serve to take away the power of the nation state. An issue of contention for Ireland is its desire to protect its traditional policy of military neutrality. The Reform Treaty is due to come into effect in 2009. It must first be ratified by all 27 European Union Member States.

To wit, Sarkozy’s against it. And he is a sharp dresser.


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