and the nominee is…

for the first time in us history, it appears that an african-american has secured the nomination of one of the major parties.

barack obama last night declared that he would contest the 2008 presidential election as the democratic nominee, bringing true the prediction by many that his democratic contender, hilary clinton, would not secure the support of enough superdelegates, just as she failed to secure sufficient support in the democratic party’s primaries over the course of the last five months.

as yet, clinton has failed to formally concede defeat, though commentators claim that her husband and former us president, bill clinton, has privately been building support for her appointment as obama’s vice-presidential running mate.  interestingly, both clinton and obama have been heaping praise on one another since the latter’s declaration yesterday, suggesting an obama-clinton ticket is still possible despite the barbs fired earlier in their primary campaigns.

we’re not sure how we feel about clinton.  we don’t doubt her desire to do good for the american public nor that she means well but can she inspire a generation?  can she bring change to washington, and indeed, the world?  john mccain, has been written off by many as bringing too much baggage with him to the white house (particularly his vociferous support of the iraq debacle and george w. bush more widely) and one wonders whether the same charge might be leveled against clinton.

for us, obama’s where it’s at.  to wit, he looks mighty fine in his little shorts.


~ by k-rock and l-jive on June 4, 2008.

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