oh canada!

It has come to my knowledge that Canada is perhaps the greatest place in the world. Musically speaking.


– stars (i’m ashamed to say i’ve just discovered them.. and they are amazing! better late than never!)

– arcade fire (no explanation needed)

– the weakerthans (an ex-boyfriend introduced me to their mellow tunes via their ‘Left and Leaving’ LP. Apparently they got together recently for a reunion tour.. magic)

– martha wainwright (cooler than rufus??)

– holy fuck (so so amazing. Saw them a few months ago and they blew my mind. I got jiggy like it was no ones busines. And man, that boy than play the casio!)

– death from above 1979, broken social scene, sarah mclachlan (lilith fair was very cool in its day) wolf parade, hot hot heat (‘make up the breakdown’ was a solid dance classic) feist…

But why…. what is it about the land that fuels these incredible indie sounds? AND Degrassi. To wit, I am moving there to bask in their sounds.

But then they also produced Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, Bryan Adams and Nickleback. So I’m slightly confused.


~ by k-rock and l-jive on June 4, 2008.

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