best all time lines of the 1990s

Heart- ‘All i want to do i make love to you’  So audacious for its time. Lyrically deep and dark.

“All I wanna do is make love to you, One night of love was all we knew. All I wanna do is make love to you, Ive got lovin arms to hold on to. Oh, oooh, we made love, Love like strangers”

Salt N Pepa- ‘Shoop’ Clever raps. Relevant for the upcoming sexual revolution. Noone had heard women being so frank and honest about sex. (see also ‘whatta man’).

“I hit the skins for the hell of it, just for the yell I get, Mmm mmm mmm, for the smell of it (smell it). They want my bod, here’s the hot rod (hot rod), Twelve inches to a yard (damn) and have ya soundin’ like a retard (yeah)”

Arrested Development- ‘Mr WendalTimeless. Could easily have been written today, as opposed to 1993.

“Mr.Wendal has freedom, a free that you and I think is dumb. Free to be without the worries of a quick to diss society for Mr.Wendal’s a bum…. Civilization, are we really civilized, yes or no ? Who are we to judge ?When thousands of innocent men could be brutally enslaved and killed over a racist grudge”

Babyface- ‘How come, how longBabyface and Stevie Wonder pulling together to fight domestic violence, albeit to a sweet melody. Shows you dont need sight to know whats right.

“How come, how long, Its not right, its so wrong, Do we let it just go on, Turn our backs and carry on. Wake up, for its too late, Right now, we cant wait…The way he proves himself a man, By beatin his woman with his hands..How can someone like that, Call himself a man?”


~ by k-rock and l-jive on June 23, 2008.

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