mugabe ‘wins’ election, president once more.


In what marked a devastating day for the people of Zimbabwe, on June 27th Robert Mugabe was announced leader of Zimbabwe, making him the only leader of the south African state since it gained independence from Britain in 1980. Mr Mugabe keeps power thanks only to the use of murder and intimidation, which eventually forced the winner of the first round of voting in March, Morgan Tsvangirai, to quit the race. Tsvangirai said his Movement for Democratic Change party decided to pull out of the vote because of violence and arrests targeting his party and its supporters. “A free and fair election is impossible,” Tsvangirai told reporters Sunday. “We in the MDC have resolved that we will no longer participate in this violent, illegitimate … sham of an election process.”

The Zimbabwean opposition says that pro-government militias killed at least 86 people and detained, injured and displaced tens of thousands more. Nobody believes that the election in Zimbabwe was fair. Yet Africa’s leaders, for the most part, have remained shamefully silent. African observers, who in the past have been quick to endorse Zimbabwe’s flawed and rigged elections, all slammed the poll as undemocratic and out of line with the region’s own election guidelines. The African Union (AU) teams and observers from the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), a regional block of 14 countries usually loth to criticise Mr Mugabe, suggested the vote was unsound. Mr Mugabe claimed 85% support, on a low turn-out, from his one-horse race on June 27th.

The Kenyan prime minister, Raila Odinga, today called on African leaders to suspend Zimbabwe from the Africa Union rather than welcome Robert Mugabe to their summit in Sharm el-Sheikh. Odinga broke ranks with other Africa leaders following Mugabe’s widely discredited re-election as the Zimbabwean president. Speaking from Nairobi, he said: “The African Union should not accept or entertain Mugabe. “He should be suspended until he allows the African Union to facilitate free and fair elections between him and his opponent.”

For a detailed look at the political situation in Zimbabwe- click.


~ by k-rock and l-jive on July 2, 2008.

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