bear grylls- ultimate man?

British adventurer and television personality Bear Grylls may just be the ultimate man. Not only has he climbed Mt Everest and circumnavigated the UK… You see, Bear is a ‘born survivor’, and his television series by the same name shows this rugged man scaling mountains, wading rapids, and even wrapping his urine-soaked t-shirt around his head to help stave off the desert heat.

He has also rubbed snow on his body to dry off after jumping into an icy lake, squeezed both elephant dung and partially digested food from the stomach of a dead camel into his mouth for water, ripped raw chunks of meat off a dead zebra with his teeth, and drunk his own urine. Intermittently, Grylls also regales the viewer with tales of other adventurers stranded and/or killed in the wilderness. Here he shows you how to get out of a bog.

And he has survived a fall of 16,000 feet when his parachute failed to open. Brutal.


~ by k-rock and l-jive on July 8, 2008.

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