news update for july 15

SUDAN The prosecutor at the international criminal court has called for the arrest of Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, on charges of genocide, alleging that he orchestrated a campaign of killings, rape and deportation against three tribes in Darfur. Last night Bashir rejected the charges and said the ICC had no jurisdiction in Sudan. “From the beginning we said we are not a member of the court … the court has no jurisdiction over Sudan. Whoever has visited Darfur … will know that all of these things are lies.” The indictment will now be considered by three ICC tribunal judges, before a decision on an international arrest warrant is taken, which is likely to take months. The prosecutor’s announcement was welcomed by Darfuri rebels. Ahmad Hussain Adam, of the Justice and Equality Movement, said: “It sends a very strong message to dictators that they cannot get away with their crimes.” Dont mess with the ICC, they will (eventually) fuck your shit up.

HONG KONG A Dutch couple living in Hong Kong yesterday found themselves at the centre of an international controversy after they gave up their daughter for adoption seven years after they adopted her themselves. Raymond Poeteray, 55, who has worked as a Dutch diplomat for more than 20 years, and his wife, Meta, adopted Jade, an ethnic Korean girl, when she was four months old. A spokesman for the South Korean consulate in Hong Kong said the couple had found it difficult to raise the little girl because of “culture shock”. “[The Poeterays] now have their own children,” the spokesman said. “They decided it was difficult to raise [Jade] because of cultural shock. They said she’s not willing to eat their food. That’s one of the reasons. It’s a strange reason. She was raised from a very early age. It’s a very uncommon case. It’s a difficult situation for us to understand.” The other side of adoption we rarely hear about.

In Brief:

– People in Britain keep killing each other with knives

– Rich British men like nazi S&M


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