splendour in the grass

so begins the odyssey…

half of to wit, accompanied by a rag tag team of friends jumped in the car on friday afternoon and headed down to byron bay for the annual splendour in the grass festival, australia’s preeminent winter festival.  after a longer than expected 4 and a half hours’ driving, we arrived, only to find that the key failed to open the house we’d rented for the weekend (for the bargain basement price of only $500 for 3 nights (good compared to the $2,500 we’d been quoted for similar places!).  but after getting some tasty snacks and some tastier alcohol, a property manager (slightly drunk herself) found us, gave us the right keys, and hey presto, we were drunk (among other things).  half of to wit even had a purple velour armchair in his bedroom – not to be sneezed at but rather, coveted.

after a sleep in, copious amounts of alcohol, illegal substances and corn chips for breakfast, it was off for a pleasant walk (admiring various trees along the way) and a less pleasant and somewhat slow bus ride.  but there we were, evading sniffer dogs as we basked in the glorious, sunny line for wristbands.  then where?  via lightspeed champion to the music!  literally.

while never having heard of either band (somewhat embarrassingly), they were a supercool first act, though better was to follow.  how about a spot of gyroscope and a bandana full of bliss n eso (who were surprisingly good) with more than a bandana full of the crafty scribe.

then, in the haze of it all, i forgot i wanted to see MSTRKRFT but saw a little of clare bowditch instead which was a markedly different but probably better replacement.this was the period in which i also managed to befriend the friendly but unattractive girl manning a v-fridge on wheels, bought a wintry tassle beanie (photos below for those of you who can’t wait), and agreed with anthony that gloves to go with his tee was the best idea anyone had had all day, other than my beanie purchase.

the cold war is over?  not from 7:30-8:30 it wasn’t.  some those faux soviet kiddies played some of their sweet tunes for me until it was time to hot tail it over to bask in the talents of one band of horses.  i challenge anyone to listen to funeral and not cry.

the night ended with a touch of pnau, me forgetting to go see polyphonic spree (for which i will forever hate myself) and a few scotchs before the hour and a half wait for a bus to take me home sweet home.

the next morning saw a pyjama’d beach walk…

more alcohol, treaties and corn chips, and another walk to another painful bus trip.  upon arrival, the pooches didn’t come a smoochin’ and after a hop, skip and jump i found myself arriving just in time to catch the beginning of vampire weekend, who rocked it out on all manner of subjects, but particularly the redundancy of the oxford comma.

some wombats and bat-suited grates (patience is such a dude!) later, and a tasty sweat worked up, it was over to take in some van she tech craziness and sign up for membership to the new young pony club, neither of which disappointed.

the highlight of the entire weekend came next with the ethereal sigur ros.  no act compares and i doubt it ever will.  every song seems perfectly put together and most bring a tear to the eye.  can’t stop listening to them a week later.

the night ended with the sunglasses down, the feet and arms pumping, and the presets and olli wisdom sending out some good vibes.  a short 3 hour walk home, via some cones, abuse hurled at cruel cabbies and a date cookie.

a quick clean of the house, push start of a car with a flat battery, a chicken burger and chips that wouldn’t stay down, a sit on the beach and a scattered drive along a freeway… and it was all back to reality : (

see you next year splendour my love!


~ by k-rock and l-jive on August 8, 2008.

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