fringe festivals and soy milk

Half of to wit enjoyed a sunny jaunt to Scotland this past weekend, without realising they would be in Edinburgh during the infamous Fringe Festival. Being one who cant stomach drama students at the best of times, being surrounded by hordes of them proved somewhat challenging. Highlight of the trip was by far seeing the new Tracey Emin exhibit at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art. Tracey Emin: 20 Years. Its one of the best things ive seen.

Glasgow was loads of fun, and cheap cheap ale. Surprisingly, i didnt bump into any members of Mogwai, or Belle and Sebastian (maybe next time). Next time in Glasgow, check out mono records on Kings Court. Great selection. Lots of vinyl, lots of Mark Kozelek.

On the soy note, there was a distinct lack of soy in Scotland (dont get me started on Northern Ireland…) and we all know that soy milk is the mark of a civilised society. Being forced to go to Starbucks for my morning latte is not something i enjoy doing, let alone being forced to do in this bonnie land. Oh, then at the airport they confiscated my umbrella! Good thing they have that charming accent…


~ by k-rock and l-jive on August 19, 2008.

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