mugabe booed as zimbabwean parliament opens

President Robert Mugabe was greeted with boos, jeers and waving fists as he rode to the opening of parliament in an open-top Rolls-Royce yesterday, accompanied by troops with colonial-style pith helmets and lances (lances…??? wtf???).

Opposition MPs – who have protested that the Zimbabwe president was in breach of an agreement that parliament would not sit until a power-sharing deal had been brokered – refused to stand on his arrival. They booed Mugabe when he declared that “landmark agreements have been concluded with every expectation that everybody will sign up”. Opposition MPs later sang “Zanu-PF is rotten”, with a number of senior MDC) leaders present despite the party earlier indicating it would boycott the opening over the lack of progress in power-sharing negotiations.

Mugabe opened Parliament in defiance of opposition objections. The MDC said Mugabe had no right to open the chamber and warned that the move would endanger the deadlocked negotiations. Having to raise his voice to be heard over the jeering in his 30-minute speech, Mugabe once again tried to recover his position by vilifying Britain and the US – accusing them of using food as a “weapon” through sanctions. International sanctions would not last a day longer, he said,”if we as Zimbabweans speak against them in deafening unison”.


~ by k-rock and l-jive on August 27, 2008.

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