news update 3rd september 2008

PAKISTAN- The Pakistani prime minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, survived an assassination attempt today, officials said. Shots were fired at Gilani’s car in the capital, Islamabad, but he was not inside. It was going to the airport to collect him. The prime minister’s press secretary, Zahid Bashir, said unknown assailants fired “multiple sniper shots” in a “murder attempt”. Two bullets hit the front window on the driver’s side of the black Mercedes limousine. A security official told Associated Press the shots were fired from a hill.

US- Most Republicans are backing Sarah Palin, although a minority are clearly expressing displeasure over McCain’s VP choice, citing her clear lack of foreign policy experience. Her past (and present) has stirred up much controversy, and many have called for her name to be taken off the ticket. I personally have more of a problem with her current stance on abortion, guns, and gays- than whether her 17 year old daughter is knocked up.

ANGOLA- On Friday, September 5th, 8m-plus registered voters in Angola (in a population of some 17m) should cast their ballot to choose a new parliament. Since independence from Portugal in 1975, Angola has had only one multi-party election, in 1992, and it led to a resumption of the horrific civil war that had ravaged the place since independence. The government has repeatedly promised and postponed fresh elections since the end of the conflict in 2002. Only now, it judges, is Angola finally ready. They now face a flurry of polls. The coming vote is expected to be followed by a presidential one next year and local ones in 2010. President José Eduardo dos Santos, in power since 1979, seems to have developed a sudden taste for democracy and says that Angola will now hold general elections every four years.


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