news update 10 september 2008

BURMA- Cyclone, starvation… now rats threaten to destroy Burmese villages. Four months after Cyclone Nargis devastated Burma, another natural disaster has struck the country. This time the ruling military regime has had 50 years to prepare for it, yet it has still proved unable and unwilling to respond. The disaster, known in Burma as maudam, is caused by a cruel twist of nature. Once every 50 years or so the region’s bamboo flowers, producing a fruit. The fruit attracts hordes of rats, which feed on its seeds. Some believe the rich nutrients in the seeds cause the rodents to multiply quickly, creating an infestation. After devouring the seeds, the rats turn on the villagers’ crops, destroying rice and corn. In a country once known as the rice bowl of Asia, thousands of villagers are on the brink of starvation. “We can catch hundreds of rats a night, but it makes no difference,” said Mgun Ling. “They just keep coming. They’ve destroyed all our crops, and now we have nothing left to eat.”

GENEVA- Surprisingly, the sample particle collider didnt result in the end of the world. Who knew?

US Election– The addition of Palin to McCain’s card has resulted in a significant increase in support, according to recent Gallup polls. Obama might have been referring to Palin as he made his now infamous ‘lipstick’ attack. Whatevs. McCain unleashed new ad campaign hits an all new low


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