see ya brendo

opposition leader, brendan nelson, tonight declared that the liberals would face a snap ballot tomorrow morning to determine whether he should continue in his role.

malcolm turnbull, who lost to nelson in the ballot following last year’s disastrous election loss, for the party, has confirmed that he will stand tomorrow.

in what one might call the first shrewd move nelson has made in his 10 months as conservative top dog, the announcement surely catches turnbull off guard; he only returned from two week’s holiday in italy this afternoon and surely would have preferred a more amicable handing over of the leadership than a party room battle.  in politics, timing is everything.

but time is unlikely to help nelson and it seems unlikely he will be able to hang on to the leadership – his performance has been average at best and, frequently, woeful.

just quietly, while we’re not into the rudd bashing that many seem to be (symbolism is important, and labor has put some runs on the board), we’re also not averse to having an effective opposition and seeing some of the more significant change we were promised.

read more about the spill here.

and this, for your enjoyment (ps- i wonder if the bish will be out on her arse as well?  surely.  well one can dream)….


~ by k-rock and l-jive on September 15, 2008.

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