‘power sharing’, an experiment- zimbabwe style

Robert Mugabe retains the presidency and control over the army, and Morgan Tsvangirai, the man who bears the physical scars of his regime, has at last got executive power as prime minister. This will mean that the MDC will be sitting down in talks with members of ZANU-PF, the very people who had ordered for them to be brutalised. For those seeking justice for the hundreds killed, the thousands injured, and the tens of thousands who have lost their homes, this was always going to be hard to swallow. Mr Mugabe has got away with murder, at least for the time being.

Tsvangirai said the deal for him to be prime minister while Mugabe clings on as president required painful compromises after eight years of struggle for democracy – after all, the people voted to make Tsvangirai the president. But it represented “the return of hope” for freedom from fear, poverty, hunger and oppression. “I have signed this agreement because I believe it represents the best opportunity for us to build a peaceful, prosperous, democratic Zimbabwe. I have signed this agreement because my belief in Zimbabwe and its peoples runs deeper than the scars I bear from the struggle. I have signed this agreement because my hope for the future is greater than the grief I have for the needless suffering of the past years,” he said

Mugabe finally got around to a half-hearted endorsement of the deal. “We will do our best,” he said while giving off the whiff of a defeated man seeing an unwelcome future before him. Outside the convention hall where the agreement was signed, in the shadow of the Zanu-PF headquarters, there was hope tempered by uncertainty and suspicion. Mugabe’s supporters were generally pessimistic, including Willard, 23. “It is not a good deal. We can’t work with these people. Their principles are different. They are violent,” he said, gesturing toward the MDC supporters. “We need a better life. We need to drink beer every day.”


Full details of the agreement can be found here


~ by k-rock and l-jive on September 16, 2008.

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